Hello everyone. My name is Hpaugam La Sam. I now live in Ward-5, Laiza. Now, in our Kachin land, elderly persons, children, and pregnant women are in a great danger due to covid pandemic and natural disasters. And the future of young people is fraught with great turmoil. We are a minority. We are being persecuted and bullied by the Burmese army. We want to be liberated. With that deep feeling and emotion, I have drawn this painting at my best to help those who are traumatized by the military’s abusiveness. I hope not only our Kachin people living abroad but also foreigners will appreciate and support my paintings. I want to be a world’s famous artist that my Kachin people are proud of. Thank you very much!

Hpunggaw Hkawng Lum

Through the Eyes of Agony Art Program