Good day to everyone! My name is Galau Hkaw Nam. I am a teacher at the Alen Bum School for Internally Displaced Children. Children are forced to live apart from their parents; they have lost touch; they do not have adequate belongings; and they do not even have underwear to change in the rainy season. When winter arrives, they have a difficult time finding warm clothing, food, and drink. Regardless, they are working really diligently to achieve an education for their future. Meanwhile, Covid-19 struck hard, and schools were forced to close. Our children are in a situation where they are forced to “search for black thread in the dark,” and their future is bleak. In my paintings, I depict such struggles. I aspire to be a wonderful and inspiring teacher. And I want to assist and defend my fellow citizens. Thank you all so much.

Galau Hkaw Nam

Through the Eyes of Agony Art Program