I wish you all a very happy and healthy day! My name is Ndawng Bum Htoi Naw. I am a ninth-grader at Alen Bum School for Internally Displaced Persons. I developed my painting with the sad realization that there are many natural resources, mountains, and wild animals in our Kachin homeland, yet they are rapidly dwindling. It pains me greatly to see how our natural resources are being depleted day by day. Let me make a request to my Kachin kin. Our land’s natural resources are rapidly depleting. Let’s make sure they’re safe. Let’s cherish our heritage. Please support me, people and friends from Kachin and everywhere. My art has taken a lot of time and effort. My ambition is to take good care of my parents and to educate myself. After that, I’ll join Kachin’s struggle for self-determination. Thank you very much.


Through the Eyes of Agony Art Program