May you have a nice day. My name is Myu Htoi Awng. I am a grade-10th  student who is studying at Alen Bum IDPs Hight School. 

The reason of portraying this painting is presenting about the youth responsibility to clean up the flood of bloodshed in our region of conflict effected. The reason is only bringing young people together can lead the county when the country is developing. They will be beautiful. And only if they love righteousness, our country will be developed. So, we have to protect the young people. Likewise, as for the youth, they must also know, what kind of things are really needed. Besides, the painting shows and presents that one day, we have to prepared to serve for the country what we have learned. I want to be a person who can serve our country and which is my dream. I would like to tell you that I am preparing to strive for the development of our country. Please take a look at my painting and encourage me. Thank you all. 

Myu Htoi Awng

Through the Eyes of Agony Art Program