Everyone has a wonderful day! My name is  Mayet Naw Ra Htun. I am a student at the Alen Bum School for Internally Displaced Children. The number of persons escaping the violence in our Kachin State is increasing as the combat intensifies. While fleeing the armed conflicts, there were casualties as well as disabilities. One of my neighbors’ children’s mother, for example, perished while fleeing the fighting. As she grew older, the baby, who grew up without mother’s milk, was raped by his adoptive father. I’m in a nasty mood. They spent the majority of their life in improvised camps in rain-soaked tents after abandoning their lovely farmland. I want to show these paintings to the public with a lot of passion, as though they’re all in pain when one of them is hurt. I’d like to ask my international friends to purchase and support this painting of mine. I want to be a singer when I grow up and help others who are in need. Thank you all so much.

Mayet Naw Ra Htun

Through the Eyes of Agony Art Program