May peace be with you all.


My name is Manam Gun San. I am a middle school student at Alen Bum IDPs High School. I portray this painting with the reminiscence of our Kachin people who have been oppressed by the government, our Kachin people who have suffered from hardships due to the gunfire of the Burmese military and bloodshed of our people. While I am painting, there are some people who are facing with starvation and struggle to live even though they have been bitten by the mosquitoes and aphids. So, I invest my time to draw this painting for all of them. The only wish that I want to be come true is that the painting will have purchased by the people who lived in this world. I want to be a religious leader who motivate spiritually to all the people. Thank you.


Through the Eyes of Agony Art Program