Have a good day, everyone. My name is Lasang Mung Ba Awng Ja. I am in eighth grade at Alen Bum School for Internally Displaced Children. My feeling is that a ruthless army has arrived in our otherwise peaceful neighborhood, and that the brutal persecution has left with us nothing to eat and no siblings. Our citizens are being persecuted by their military. I created this artwork with the impression that a thorn is piercing my heart because the savage military tortured and slaughtered our people without respect for us as human beings. I’d like to encourage all parents and people living in other countries to purchase my artwork and show empathy for us. When I grow older, I want to try to become a hip hop idol and make the world know Kachin Wunpawng. Thank you all so much.

Lasang Mung Ba Awng Ja

Through the Eyes of Agony Art Program